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Cork Now | November 17, 2018

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Mark Daly ‘Addicted to The Throne’

Mark Daly  ‘Addicted to The Throne’

MARK DALY  is thrilled to unveil his latest single: ‘Addicted to The Throne’.

Breaking from his masterful work with US supergroup Operation: Mindcrime, ‘Addicted To The Throne’ arrives as the first taster of Daly’s forthcoming debut solo album: ‘When The Stars Align’, set for release on 21st September 2018.

Calling to mind the work of late greats Chris Cornell or Jeff Buckley, ‘Addicted To The Throne’ is a haunting lullaby barbed with brittle feedback and awash with a spine-chilling production; the single marks the opening of a darker, more mature songwriting chapter in Daly’s career.

Speaking about the inspiration for the track and its accompanying video, Mark Daly says:

“[Addicted to the Throne] was inspired by the obsession of power and ego in today’s world and how addictive it can be and how hard it is to break away from. The music video highlights the effects of bullying and just how dangerous it can be and also shows the viewpoint from the bully’s perspective as to where it originally stems from. It has a powerful ending which shows that the bully was too late to make up for her mistake as the girl she had bullied has ended her life.”
Filmed in Cork City, the video was shot by EPIC productions and directed by Chris Cullen.

Written and recorded by Daly between his home in Cork, Ireland and Seattle, Washington, ‘Addicted to the Throne’ was mixed and produced at Ogar Shack Studios Seattle by Kelly Gray (Queensryche, Operation Mind:Crime), who also produces all of the material set to feature on Daly’s forthcoming solo album.

The track also features James McInerney (Cello), James Brown (Electric guitar), Kelly Gray (Bass & Electric guitar), Mike Ferguson (Drums) and of course Mark Daly on acoustic guitar.


Hailing from Cork in Ireland, Mark Daly, is a powerful singer/songwriter with hard rock pedigree in abundance. In a career that has seen him rub shoulders with some of the best, Daly is perhaps best known for his role in US supergroup: Operation: Mindcrime. The group, which is led by vocalist Geoff Tate (also of Queensryche), have also included in their ranks musicians from Disturbed, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake and AC/DC. They have sold over 25 million records, secured a Grammy nomination, and toured the world many times over.

Forming and fronting a critically acclaimed rock group, The Voodoos in 2010, the band were invited to perform at the 2011 MTV EMAs in 2011 and amassed fans in their many thousands during their chaotic tour of the US in 2012/13.

However, it is only in more recent years that Daly has truly begun to forge his blossoming solo career. Releasing his first solo single ‘The Hearts Reminder’ to a rapturous reception in 2016, the single was an instant hit and stacked up over 50,000 views on Facebook in its first week alone, not to mention landing an impressive Number 2 chart position in the Irish Rock downloads chart.

The track was followed by ‘Your World’ in 2017, which received global airplay and similarly impressive video views to its predecessor (60,000), before shooting straight to Number 1 in the Global Scottish New Music Chart.

Gearing up to release his debut solo album: ‘When The Stars Align’ in September 2018, Daly’s album may have been a long time coming but is guaranteed to be worth the wait.


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